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Welcome to NaturalHands Bath & BakedGoods, a Holistic Aromatherapy and Apothecary establishment commented on the wellness healing and well-being of all spirits. Our Certified Aromatherapist is prepared to treat your indulgence by creating the best essential bath products and baked goods like soaps, shea butters, bath salts,  as well as edible treats like muffins, cookies, and fruit bars just to name a few.

Our common philosophy of medicinal benefits is that aromatherapy and apothecary will assist in relaxation, and rejuvenate the physical and mental well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.  

Please view the list of products and goodies or contact us for info., I hope this reaches you well and may we connect soon enjoy the day!

Our Mission

We are focused on cleanliness and wellness geared toward healthy eating and therapeutic care of the whole being!

Our Story

Janine the founder/creator is a self-taught craftswoman who enjoys making natural products that serves a purpose, her belief is that AROMATHERAPY is key. She would like to give you the opportunity to indulge in essential quality holistic natural products that will give you a relaxing spiritual experience. Taking the Holistic approach using mostly local lavender farms, herbs, essential oils, flowers, all from farmer's markets and local growers to include the community in the harvesting process.​ Janine believes Self-Care is a lost art and the little things like a bath one the simplest gifts one can give self and should be utilized at least as a weekly regimen to connect with oneself.  Alleviate the stressors that surround us in our daily atmospheres. Pamper yourself in some self-care today. 

Bath Products Regimen

The floral and essential oil properties gives the benefits of balance, relaxation, and invigorating energy.

Sea Salt Soak~ SOAK

Body Suga Scrub~ EXFOLIATE

Body Bath Bar~ CLEANSE 

Body Shea Butter  ~ MOSITURIZE

Baked Goods 

Janine has a passion for pastry it is something that's near and dear to her heart the first items created for the home-based business were in her kitchen in 2000! NHBBG specializes in sweet & savor bake goods with a simple and rustic edge, also most baked good are dairy-free and are infused with essential flowers like dandelion, and lavender, herbs like sage, rosemary to give example!

The Art of Soap Making Class

NaturalHands B&BG Presents The Art of Soap Making. This will be a Two & half hour presentation in which individuals will be instructed and gain the experience on how to prepare & make a bar of soap. All the items you need will be provided!

Class fee:

$40 for a single & $60 for a couple!

P.S. all persons will take their works of art home! Oh and libations & appetizers will be provided as well! From my spirit to yours may they connect soon with NaturalHands B&BG! 

"Where Aromatherapy & Apothecary Are Key"